’89 domande a Manal Issa – Actress

Name? Manal Issa (@manal_issa4).

How old are you? 30.

What’s your job? Actress, ex industrial engineer.

What did you study? Industrial engineering.

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If you were a character of a movie which one would you be? The character in my movie that I am working on now.

Do you think, for example, that killing an ant is the same thing as killing a dolphin? In other words, do you think that the lives of living beings are all on the same level, or do you evaluate them on the basis of their functionality in relation to human beings? Yes it’s the same.

In your opinion, is it right that states exist? Or would you prefer a world and humanity united under one “flag“? It’s right that states exist. It’s beautiful to come from somewhere.

Is it right in your opinion to place limits on immigration, or should everyone be able to go anywhere? No it doesn’t make any sense to me. People should live where they feel comfortable.

If you could be a famous actress who would you be? Maria Schneider.


What is your movies that you are most attached to? Why? The sea ahead by Ely Dagher. I love Ely best shooting best director and my best performance.

Can you tell us an anecdote behind one of your movies? I always like when I realize I am acting and I say to myself what the fuck am I doing especially I am too involved and I wake up from my character.

What is the best and worst thing about Lebanon? and France? Best thing about Lebanon is Beirut at night. Worst thing is that we live in fear. Best thing about France is that you don’t worry when you get sick about how much you pay. Worst: social interactions, nightlife.

Can you tell us an adjective for defining yourself? Impatient.

Who’s your best talent ? And what is your worst thing? Best: good at everything but not perfect in anything. Worst: lying.

The craziest thing you’ve seen in your life? Depression.

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The most rock and roll actor for you? Ziad Bakri.

Can you tell us something about you that nobody knows or very few  people know? I’m a gamer.

Do you think Hegel was right to put music as art at an higher level, or do you think the figurative arts, especially at an emotional level, are on the same level? I don’t know hegel. But I also think music is a higher level art.

Can you give us a definition of art? Something that makes you smile or cry or smile after crying.

Your favorite style icons? I’m not stylish.

Do you know some Italian band? Lucio Dalla (from my sis).

And songs? Sarà perché ti amo.

If you could speak in world vision for 15 minutes what would you say? I’d tell jokes and make people laugh.

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What is your motto? Nothing will make you forget you ache other than another ache.

Do you think exist an objective aesthetic value or you think aesthetic value is just subjective? Subjective.

If you could have a super power what would you choose? To eat and not get full.

When, in your opinion, can you define a person as an actor? When they love living everything anything.

Do you think that the relationship between art and drugs is just a cliché? No.

What drugs have you done? Most of them.

If so which one is your favorite? Mdma.

Are you in favour of the liberalisation of soft drugs? Yes.

Do you have any political orientation? Anti israel apartheid.

How many people have you slept with in your life? More than 10.

What is your favorite position in sex? Hug position.

The most handsome guy you know? Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter.

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What about the girl? My daughter Sona.

Who is in your opinion the best actor in history? Heath Ledger.

And the most overrated? All of them.

The most underestimated? Theatre actors.

Do you think that believing in God and not believing in God start from the same presumption about something that in itself we have no possibility of knowing, thus reducing even atheism to an act of faith toward the unknown? It depends on what you know about religion in your childhood. How it affects you and how it makes feel good or worse. 

Can you tell us the craziest anecdote you have experienced or witnessed in the film industry? It’s super unfair.

For how much money would you shoot porn? I’m too shy for that xD.

And who would you choose as a partner? Let me find a boyfriend first.

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And for charity would you do it? To exemplify, if you were told let’s build a school in a third world country in exchange for one of your porn videos would you accept? If it could build a “good” school sureGood” school. I decided to homeschool my daughter.

In your opinion is there such a thing as unnatural? In the case in point, if you consider man as part of nature, is everything that emanates from it to be considered natural? If not, why do you not consider man as part of nature? When it doesn’t feel right it’s unnatural.

If you were not in your profession what work would you have wanted to do? I’d be professional gamer.

If you could go back in time and kill a person who would it be? No one. I’d be scared it would result in a worst scenario.

Do you think man’s life has meaning? No.

Can you tell us the most interesting anecdote with respect to your eventual experience with drugs? Making up instead of breaking up.

The time you did drugs the most what did you take and in what doses? Self control always.

What do you think people say about you? How did they take her as an actress or poor her.

What do you think about social-media? Good for news and politics.

Blur or Oasis? Blur.

Can you tell us when you think a person is cool and when they are not cool? A person who is easy going sensitive nice funny is cool.

A person who is rich mean or not funny is not cool.

What are your 5 favorite songs? A l’ammoniaque pnl; Sindibad Shabjdeed; Metl el kezbi Assi el Hellani; Enta Omri Om kolthoum; Nos el bahr – tayar.

If you had to tell a person to fuck off, who would you choose? And why? Any Israeli producer or director.

What is the night you spent the most money to have fun? Ordered two more drinks.

What’s your favorite political character? Light Yagami from Death Note.

If you could choose which historical era to live in, which would you choose? Now or future.

If you could spend a day with an historical figure who would you choose? God.

Who are the people that inspired you the most? No one.

If you could choose a famous person for a night, who would it be? Son Goku and go to a restaurant and eat loads of food.

And for a relationship? If I knew he would have been my husband.

Tell us a movies that you would have liked to participate in? The live action of any anime.

Who is your best friend in your? My daughter.

Tell us one thing it takes to make you fall in love? Make me laugh.

What is the thing you like most about Italy? Pizza.

And one you don’t like? Nothing.

Where have you been on vacation when you were young? Nowhere.

Where are you going on vacation now? Nowhere.

Do you think it would be correct to create a place where man can live in the state of nature, making him free from a choice of social belonging that is instead taken for granted? Freeeedoooommmmmm.

What’s the topic you are most expert in? League of legends.

Have you ever been in love? Yes one sided love 🙁

Have you ever had a homosexual experience? No.

Where do you live? Beirut.

Which neighbourhood? Hamra.

Other cities where you’ve been living and how long? Paris for few months, Angers for few years.

Which languages do you speak? Arabic English French.

Which are your favorite places in your city? The sea.

Favorite movies? The sea ahead; Enter the void.

Favorite directors? Ely Dagher; Gaspar Noé.

Favorite songs? Sindibad  shab jdeed; A l’ammoniaque Pnl, Nos el bahr – Tayar.

Favorite bands? Autostrad; Jadal; Tanjaret Daghet; Imagine Dragons.

A famous band you don’t like? Beatles.

Favorite books? All the books of Michio Kaku. Other than that I don’t read I only read manga.

Favorite authors? No favorite author.

Favorite artworks? Kebbeh bel sayniyeh.

If you can choose 5 celebrities to have party with who they would be? No one.

Do you feel envy for anyone? If so, for whom? For people who don’t know.

The material good you most desire and envy? Gaming laptop.

The quality you would like to have and don’t have? Insensitivity.

Have you ever been offered something in exchange for sex? No.

If you had the possibility to remove social networks from the world, would you delete them? No.

And what about globalization? Yes.

The craziest experience you’ve ever had? Can’t wait for it.

What do you think about influencers? Attention seekers.

What’s your favorite historical character? None.

Favorite TV series? Dark.

If you were an animal which one would you like to be? Dragon 😀

What time do you usually go to sleep? Midnight.

What time do you usually wake up? 6.

What’s your favorite city in the world? Beirut.

Do you believe in some religions? They all say the same things.

What’s the first thing you would do if you win the lottery? I’ve nothing in my mind that involves money to myself. But I would invest in helping startups.

The richest person you know? I know rich people but I don’t know how much they have.

Your favorite dish? Too many.

Do you have some phobias? The next earthquake coming.

Favorite fashion brand? Nike.

How important is it for you to be rich from 1 to 10? 1.

And fame? 1.

How important are fame and money to impress a partner? It’s not important.

And what about beauty? It’s not important.

And intelligence? It’s not important.

The smartest person you know? Ely Dagher.

Do you consider yourself smart? No.

If you could choose any brand to be sponsored by which one would you choose? Riot games.

The most precious material thing you own? Laptop.

What do you usually drink at the bar? Jameson.

An advice you can give to someone that want to do your job? Don’t do it.

Best party you’ve been to? My friends birthday in 2015.

Do you know someone being a real racist? Yes a lot.

Do you think that if people couldn’t post on Instagram about it, they would take part as well to social movements? Who told you we can post anything we want? “Sensitive don’t watch” seen that no?

What do you think about the existence of royal rulers for birthright? Very bad.

What’s your best talent? Cooking.

What are the clothes you can’t stand to see on a man and on a woman? Heels.

What’s the item of clothing you spent the most money on? Adidas shoes.

Can you tell us a number from 1 to 89? 4.

Favorite restaurant and bar in the city where you live? Barometre in Hamra.

And club? I don’t do clubs.

Your ideal holiday? One day of peace of mind.

If you could choose someone to follow you on Instagram who would you choose? No one.

Do you think that if there were no hypothetical partners to impress, human beings would pursue success so spasmodically? We live in an individualist world now. No one is impressing anyone. They are just impressing themselves. Impressing numbers.

Do you think that in certain environments, especially those in which we find fame and money, there is a lack of certain values?


Does the current concept of democracy make sense to you?


What is your position on a hypothetical enlightened dictatorship that could direct the good of people? Yes.

What do you think about the psychological profile of politicians? Generalizing and keeping in mind the existence of due exceptions, do you think that politicians get to do their job for personal interests, such as ego satisfaction or economic profit, or for an ethical and civic help vocation? Politicians in my country exist to ruin the country and steal their people’s money. I think most them exist for that.

Do you think politicians and influencers have similar psychological profiles? Yes.

Do you think that prison, intended as deprivation of freedom of a subject, is a correct solution for an individual who violates the laws of society, or do you think it presupposes an acceptance of participation in the social contract that some individuals may not want? I would lead more than imprison.

What might be an alternative solution to prison for you? Social work or full crying day.

There are those who argue that the death penalty is a non-penalty, in the sense that at the moment in which the penalty is executed, the subject who should undergo it does not exist anymore because of the penalty itself, consequently involving however an interference in the life of the subjects close to the condemned, who would become at that point the real passive subjects of the case, what do you think about it? There is a lot of death why make more?  Plus dead person doesn’t learn he is dead.

If we consider the death as the end of everything, hypothetically the homicide of a subject that for absurdity doesn’t have, and has never had, social relationships of any kind with anybody, neither economic, neither personal, neither juridical, and if he would be killed without inflicting any suffering and without that he could realize it, such homicide should be punished? Leaving aside the motivations of the agent, as well as the need to protect other subjects of a hypothetical society, in case he would be punished, the murderer would suffer the punishment for an action of which no one suffers any consequence, is it correct for you then to assert that death is something that concerns only the living? And the none living too..

Do you think that racism is a manifestation of some kind of deficiency, an aid to fill gaps in existence for those who approach it? Could this explain the fact that often the profile of the average racist corresponds to individuals with difficult lives who have to struggle with a variety of issues and who use it as an outlet? Racism is not a struggle. Being racist is when you never struggled. Then you’re racist. Thinking of yourself as a higher individual.

Do you think that a cultural growth is always good for an individual or do you think that in certain situations it is identified with a loss of intellectual purity? People should have the choice to culturally grow. When it’s forced or closed it becomes impure.

Do you think that culture in the hands of a stupid person can sometimes represent a problem? No.

What would you answer to the dilemma of the Mandarin of Chateaubriand then taken up by Balzac and countless other philosophers? In this case, if in order to fulfill any of your desires, you had to end the life of a person who is extremely distant from you and about whom you know nothing, without them suffering and without anyone ever knowing, would you do it?  No I wouldn’t.

Is rock and roll still alive? Yes rock and roll is still alive.

A question you wish we had asked you but didn’t? Are you happy with the cinema industry?

And what answer would you have given yourself? No.

If you could choose a person you know to read this interview, who would it be?  My daughter when she will read well.