Just a perfect night – Harrison Patrick Smith by Brad Elterman

The apotheosis of my career was Dylan, Bowie and Joan Jett during the 70’s. Certainly they were. I was in the right place and in the right time and with the right talent.

I must say, that I felt this again last week when I was in the greatest city in the world with the young charismatic and talented Harrison Patrick Smith from the band The Dare. I could feel that it was an incredibly iconic moment. 

I chose south of Chambers street at the tip of the island for the photo shoot location. Those compact streets hold all of our history and was thee entry point for people form all over the world. You can go there and stand in the same location where I made these photos.”

Brad Elterman 

Superstar: @itsthedare

Photographer: @bradelterman

Dreamers: @the1989.it

Special thanks to: @jlwebdesign@thevelvetundergroundofficial @selectaperitivoit