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’89 domande a Simone Films & The Life

Name? RSM: Rebekah Sherman-Myntti. KJ: KJ Rothweiler. CEP: Curtis Everett Pawley. What’s your job? RSM: Filmmaker, Producer, co-founder of Simone Films. KJ: Filmmaker, Producer, Podcaster, co-founder of Simone Films. CEP: Musician/Podcaster. Where do you live?  RSM: New York, NY. KJ: NYC. CEP: New York, NY. Can you tell us the story of the Simone films? […]

89 domande a Brad Phillips – Artist

Name? Brad Phillips (@brad___phillips) How old are you? 49. What’s your job? I am an entertainer. What did you study? Nothing. What do you think about cloning? Would you get cloned if you had the chance? I don’t have an opinion, but wouldn’t clone myself, no, that’s two too many Brads. If you were a character […]