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Club ’89 – Give Paris another chance! by Francis Delacroix

Disneyland Paris / The coming revolution by Saul Adamczewski My coach from Vienna to Paris pulls up to Disneyland at 6:30am on an icy November morning two bleary eyed Americans waddle off the Flixbus rubbing sleep from their eyes as they take in their surroundings in the freezing wind and rain.  A solitary two. The […]

’89 domande a Simone Films & The Life

Name? RSM: Rebekah Sherman-Myntti. KJ: KJ Rothweiler. CEP: Curtis Everett Pawley. What’s your job? RSM: Filmmaker, Producer, co-founder of Simone Films. KJ: Filmmaker, Producer, Podcaster, co-founder of Simone Films. CEP: Musician/Podcaster. Where do you live?  RSM: New York, NY. KJ: NYC. CEP: New York, NY. Can you tell us the story of the Simone films? […]

89 domande a Brad Phillips – Artist

Name? Brad Phillips (@brad___phillips) How old are you? 49. What’s your job? I am an entertainer. What did you study? Nothing. What do you think about cloning? Would you get cloned if you had the chance? I don’t have an opinion, but wouldn’t clone myself, no, that’s two too many Brads. If you were a character […]