’89 domande a Dane Burman – Skateboarder

Name? Dane Burman.

How old are you? 35.

What’s your job? I’m a professional skateboarder.

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What did you study? I never studied anything after finishing high school, just a lot of skateboarding and traveling.

If you were a character of a movie which one would you be? Lloyd Christmas.

How long did it take you to learn how to do your first kickflip? A long time, i started skateboarding when i was six, and skated a lot, almost every day, but had no one to skate with and never knew about videos and magazines, so it took me a few years to figure out kickflips, i don’t think i landed one until i was 9.

Do you think Hegel was right to put music as art at an higher level, or do you think the figurative arts, especially at an emotional level, are on the same level? Coming in hot with the learned questions, wasn’t expecting this, but also not scared of it. I think art of any kind can hit you pretty hard in the feels, hits you in the emotions and makes you feel and think on all sorts of levels, I think the feelings and thoughts put upon the experiencer are drawn from past experiences and the “art” is almost a medium of sorts.

Can you give us a definition of art? I can, i don’t know if people agree but i personally think art is anything that makes you feel or think uniquely. Anything you can take something from and exist with it and the person next to you experiencing that same “art” may experience or feel or think about it a totally different way.

Your favorite style icons? Orville Peck, Heath Kirchart, Erik Ellington, Kyle “Killdie” Montgomery.

If you could speak in world vision for 15 minutes what would you say? I don’t think i’d need 15min, i’d just try to tell people to accept each other, everyone is valid. We don’t all have to agree all the time to love each other. I think i’d tell them all that then try to hand over the world vision microphone to someone that deserves to be heard a little more than another white dude with a mediocre level of success.

Do you think exist an objective aesthetic value or you think aesthetic value is just subjective? This one is above my pay grade.

If you could have a super power what would you choose? Perfect hindsight.

When, in your opinion, can you define a person as an artist? The second they are old enough to have rational thought and start dictating their actions based on other peoples reactions.

Do you think that the relationship between art and drugs is just a cliché? I do, i think these things happen independently of eachother and neither needs the other.

Do you have any political orientation? I think most people would describe me as left leaning.

Who is in your opinion the best skateboarder in history? On paper? Nyjah Houston. In my heart? Eric Koston.

Who do you think is the best right now? On paper still Nyjah. In my heart, Franky Villani.

And the most overrated? I always thought Mike Rusyck was overrated.

The most underestimated? David Reyes.

Can you tell us the craziest anecdote you have experienced or witnessed in the skateboarding world? Hmmm, I went to jail in China for a day, that was a pretty crazy experience, the group of friends I was with had been picked up on the facial recognition public surveillance systems they have in china, as we skated the streets and we set off red flags in their system because we were caucasian. In China when you check into a hotel the hotel automatically contacts local authorities and lets them know who is there and how long you’re staying, but this trip my friends and I stayed with another friend so the local authorities had no record of who we are, so they tracked us to where we were staying by the surveillance cameras around the city and came and arrested us all at 6am. Barged into the house we were staying at and took everyone out of their beds and searched all our bags and put us in jail, they downloaded the content of our phone and computers and downloaded all our emails and checked Facebook and Instagram messages and downloaded all our texts to search for anything that might look suspicious to them, after being in jail all day they couldn’t find anything and they let us go.

Do you think that believing in God and not believing in God start from the same presumption about something that in itself we have no possibility of knowing, thus reducing even atheism to an act of faith toward the unknown? Possibly, that does make a lot of sense, but only if you simplify it to calling it an act of faith towards the unknown. I think the way you react to the unknown part is what steers you towards the different faiths.

For how much money would you shoot porn? I guess it depends if it was a one time gig, or a good contract for more work, is it going to be a prepaid upfront payment, or are we doing a perview payment as it comes in, and depending on that answer i’d pick a different partner.

And who would you choose as a partner? If it was a one time gig, payment up from before hand, i’d want $30,000. Which i understand is a lot of money for one porno, but that gets me out of my tax debt and gets my teeth fixed, and i’d be back to being even and happy in life, and if its just one time, i’d try get one of my friends in on it, so its comfortable and hopefully they make some money too, always want my friends getting paid. If it’s gonna be a pay perview thing, i’d fuck Miley Cyrus or something and get those views going through the roof.

And for charity would you do it? To exemplify, if you were told let’s build a school in a third world country in exchange for one of your porn videos would you accept? You said “one of” which makes me think i’m a porn star and under a good contract now, in that case yeah, i’d give up one good video for a charitable cause.

In case you are not gay or bisexual, for how much money or other benefit would you get sodomized? Is this in the prono still or just with someone i like? If i really like the person and it’s for us, free. In porn i feel like that some extra spice, so i’d have to up my usual pay for that.

In your opinion is there such a thing as unnatural? In the case in point, if you consider man as part of nature, is everything that emanates from it to be considered natural? If not, why do you not consider man as part of nature? I don’t think so. I think everything has been happening and will continue to happen the way it’s kind of suppose to. I think it’s all natural. Some things fucking suck, and it would be cooler without it, but i guess it’s still natural.

If you were not in your profession what work would you have wanted to do? I wanted to become a herpetologist, i love animals, and really love reptiles, as a kid thats all i wanted to study and learn about and work with, then i accidentally became a skateboarder and now i want nothing more than to do this forever.

If you could go back in time and kill a few who would it be? Can i kill the baby version of myself? Maybe push my pregnant mother down some stairs.

Do you think man’s life has meaning? To the man, yeah, i think we’re here to learn. I don’t know to what end, but i think thats the meaning.

Can you tell us the most interesting anecdote with respect to your eventual experience with drugs? I don’t have too many, i’ve been sober most of my life, prescription drugs got me pretty good in Spain at street league one time tho, i got a really bad throat infection and my whole body was shutting down, my throat swelled shut and i couldn’t breathe so i went to hospital, they told me they were going to have to rush me to surgery to cut the infection out of my throat and roof of my mouth before it spreads to my brain, but i begged them to give me antibiotics first and see if it works, so i was in hospital over night on pain meds and antibiotics and thankfully the infection backed off and swelling went down and i went straight from hospital to the contest just in time for my run while i was high on whatever the painkillers were i was on and the antibiotics, i felt like i was floating six inches above my skateboard the whole day, the only trick in landed in all my runs and single trick attempts was a kickflip indy over a pyramid.

The time you did drugs the most what did you take and in what doses? One time I accidentally ate about 5 weed brownies because i didn’t know they were weed brownies, i was melting into my couch and i felt like my arms were waving around all crazy but i was staring at them and they weren’t moving at all, i just crawled myself to bed and slept for 24 hours.

What do you think people say about you? I think it depends on the people, some people would kill or die for me and others hate me, and i think both opinions are valid and just. I’ve been a great, loving, giving, understanding person that would do anything for people, and i’ve been hateful and abusive and used people and treated them terribly, childhood traumas really guide your actions more than you realise at times and it took me a long time to see who i had become, i’m trying to be the better version of myself more these days, still learning how to do that.

Have you ever been in a fight? A lot, was in fights all the time in high school and primary school, had my face hit on the side of the teachers hard wood desk that tore my cheek open and broke my nose in high school, laying on the floor having my head stomped on as the teacher cried and ran from the room. School sucked haha.

What do you think about NFTs? I’m on the fence, i don’t understand it enough to be in or out just yet, i’m interested in it, and would have a go at it, but im not diving in head first.

Blur or Oasis? Damn it, Blur. 

Can you tell us when you think a person is cool and when they are not cool? I think it comes down to how ok they are with letting other people exist.

If you had to tell a person to fuck off, who would you choose? And why? I tell people all the time, that’s a part of me being hateful, still working on it, trying not to be that guy too much these days. But i think most the people that need to fuck off are fucking off or have already.

What is the night you spent the most money to have fun? One time entering a contest, I told fellow skateboarder and friend that if I won i’d give him $1000. And I did, so I gave it to him that night at the bar, I didn’t drink or do anything crazy but giving $1,000 to a friend because of a promise was still expensive and fun.

What’s your favorite artist? Killdie, very talented artist and aldo my best friend.

What’s your favorite show business character? David Letterman.

If you could choose which historical era to live in, which would you choose? This one is pretty cool, lots of change, lots of ips and downs, in my life time i’ve seen wars, acts of terror, friends and family dying of drugs, i’ve seen recessions and social unrest and upheaval, i’ve seen governments overthrown and i’ve seen progress in technology and ideologies, i’ve seen medical breakthrus of all kinds, i’ve seen the government admit there are aliens for fuck sake. Right now is wild. 

If you could spend a day with an historical figure who would you choose? Gotta be pretty fun hangin out with David Attenbrough, let’s take it back like 30 years tho.

Who are the people that inspired you the most? Steve Irwin, my friends, skateboarders, which is probably why i was such a fuck up for so long.

How much money did you spend in total on your tattoos? Not a lot, maybe $2000 at the most?

How many tattoos do you have? Around 50?

What has been the most absurd situation in which you have tattooed yourself? There have been so many times where i started tattooing myself and realised it either wasn’t working out or something was fucking up and it was going to take longer than it should and i’ve sat for hours trying to polish turds and hated it.

If you could choose a famous person for a night, who would it be? Doja Cat.

And for a relationship? Ms Cyrus pls. Or Mrs once we’re married.

What do you think is the hardest trick to do with skateboard in your opinion? I mean theres tricks out there no one will ever do, like i could say the hardest trick is a 1080 down a fourteen stair. So i’d like to choose something from the basics, but then whats basic? Thats kind of subjective, i could say a switch flip back tail, which is super basic to some and a trick other people will never dream of, but i think the hardest trick, for me, kickflip crook, i’ve done like two ever, hate them.

What makes one skateboarder better than another? Theres a lot of categories i suppose, style, trick selection, spot selection, they way they use the space they’re in, clothes, board graphics, shoes, their ethics…it’s tough.

What is the best trick you have ever done? No idea, there’s been a lot that i can’t believe i did, and look back and wonder what made me think i could even do it.

The one you are most proud of? Nollie heel over the San Dimas street gap that heath kirchart kickflipped and fs flipped and bs flipped.

The one that is most appreciated? The 5050 i did in Philly that got me my second thrasher cover.

Can you tell us a trick someone else has done that you wish you could do too? Been skating with a kid that can heelflip into anything, i wish i could heelflip like him.

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Who is your best friend in the skateboarding world? In the skate world, probably my room mate and Zero team manager, Kurt Hodge.

Is there anyone you don’t get along with? Probably a lot, people that spend too much time around each other rub each other the wrong way.

What is the thing you like most about Italy?  I’ve only been once a long time ago, and met a lovely lady named Ana, she is pretty cool, i still talk to her sometimes. 

And one you don’t like? I don’t remember disliking anything.

If you could choose what would you like to change about the USA? No guns. Get rid of the fucking guns.

Where have you been on vacation when you were young? Nowhere. When i was young i was poor, i didn’t go on vacation. 

Where are you going on vacation now? Nowhere, still poor, i only travel for work.

Do you think it would be correct to create a place where man can live in the state of nature, making him free from a choice of social belonging that is instead taken for granted? Sure, I think people should be allowed to have that choice.

What’s the topic you are most expert in? Who did what trick at what spot and which video it was in and what song they skated to.

Have you ever been in love? I’m always in love.

Have you ever had a homosexual experience? I think anyone that answers no to this is a liar or a phobe. Yes.

Where do you live? San Diego, California.

Which neighbourhood? Vista.

Where are you from?  Sydney, Australia.

Other cities where you’ve been living and how long? I lived in Long Beach for three years. I didn’t like it.

Which languages do you speak? English.

Which are your favorite places in your city? There’s some good food spots that i don’t go to often. Lots of good skateparks. Great handrails.

Favorite movies? Shawshank Redemption; Amelie; Pans Labyrinth; Cable guy; Ace Ventura – When nature calls; Dumb and Dumber.

Do you feel envy for anyone? If so, for whom? Anyone that has good teeth or the money to fix them if they needed it.

The material good you most desire and envy? A reliable car, I just never know how long mine will last and it stresses me out sometimes.

The quality you would like to have and don’t have? Patience.

There are more and more models who do not respond to the “classic” aesthetic canons, do you think that brands really try to change the social dynamics or do you think they are choices dictated by marketing reasons to exploit the politically correct? I’d suggest it’s a bit of both, i guess you just have to pay attention and see what brands have done in the past and where its headed and try to see how transparent they really are with those intentions.

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Have you ever been offered something in exchange for sex? I have. Never really anything worth my while tho. Someone recently asked me to sleep with them as their 45th birthday present. I declined.

If you had the possibility to remove social networks from the world, would you delete them? I have that possibility with myself and here I am existing in the social world with a profile on almost every app you can think of. But if I could make the choice to erase the possibility of social networks existing now and forever I’d delete them all.

And what about globalisation? That’s tough, I think that is like an even worse form of communism, forcing the world to be run under one government and one law. Scary. 

The craziest experience you’ve ever had? Life.

What do you think about influencers? I think anyone that’s found a way to live and make a living in this day and age and adapt to the changing times and not get left behind should be given a pat on the back and a thumbs up.

What’s your favorite historical character? Probably some skateboarder. Tony Hawk.


Can you define yourself with an adjective? Frustrating.

Favorite TV series? Simpsons.

If you were an animal which one would you like to be? Birds seem to have it pretty good.

Have you ever had sex with more than one person? Yes.

Approximately how many partners have you had in your life? More than enough.

Your favorite position for sex? Depends on the partner, doggy usually gets the job done.

What time do you usually go to sleep? It’s 1am now and i’m still here. Might be time to put this down tho and try again tomorrow.

What time do you usually wake up? My alarm is set for 8am every day.

What’s your favorite city in the world? Sydney. It’s home.

Do you believe in some religions? I don’t believe in any, but i like the idea of parts of lots of them.

What’s the first thing you would do if you win the lottery? Fix my teeth and pay taxes.

The richest person you know? Money rich or life rich? My friend Chris Cole seems to have it pretty good in both categories.

Your favorite dish? Salmon burrito from Rubios.

Do you have some phobias? No.

Favorite fashion brand? I’ve been liking this brand Pleasures, i like what they do. Not sure its a fashion brand tho.

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How important is it for you to be rich from 1 to 10? 5. I’d love to be comfortable.

And fame? Not important. I’d love to be invisible. But I do like filming video parts and the parts having an audience and my work being appreciated.

How important are fame and money to impress a partner? Depends on the person i guess, some people are tuned off by it.

And what about beauty? To me, i definitely want to be physically attracted to a partner.

And intelligence? Super important, i have a hard time being around people that are either unwilling or incapable of learning and using that knowledge.

The smartest person you know? I have a lot of really smart friends. I’m lucky.

Do you consider yourself smart? On a sliding scale I think i’d be slightly into the smarter side.

If you could choose any brand to be sponsored by which one would you choose? Target.

The most precious material thing you own? Does my dog count?

What do you usually drink at the bar? Liquid Death mountain water.

An advice you can give to someone that want to do your job? Be prepared to hate the thing you love more than anything, turning what you love into your profession is the quickest way to break your own heart.

Best party you’ve been to? I went to an Orville Peck album release party a few weeks ago and had a good time, got a tattoo, met some amazing people and Erik Ellington and Jerry Hsu were there so i didn’t feel too out of place.

If you had to recommend a video about you from Youtube which one would you choose? Zero Cold War.

Do you know someone being a real racist? Yeah, my old neighbour had a white power tattoo on his chest, he seemed pretty racist. 

Do you think that if people couldn’t post on Instagram about it, they would take part as well to social movements? No. I think a lot of people like to pretend and think they’d try to do things to help, butt hey wouldn’t. Or wont.

What do you think about the existence of royal rulers for birthright? I think it’s strange, but as an australian under rule of the queen, its never been an issue for me, our officials are still elected by the voters.

What drugs have you done? Just weed and alcohol and whatever doctors prescribed me, took dexamphetamine for years in school.

If so which one is your favorite? None of them, hated them.

And which one you use more often? The adhd stuff. Every day for about ten years.

Are you in favour of the liberalisation of soft drugs? Yes, I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies and minds.

And hard drugs? Yes. 

What’s your best talent? Fixing skate spots for other people.

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What are the clothes you can’t stand to see on a man and on a woman? I don’t care what people wear. Sandals are pretty ugly tho.

What’s the item of clothing you spent the most money on? I have an INXS shirt that was a few hundred dollars.

Can you tell us a number from 1 to 89? 17.

Favorite restaurant and bar in the city where you live? Kokoge sushi by my house.

And club? Don’t know any.

Your ideal holiday? Back home to Sydney to visit friends.

If you could compose the best band in history, who would be in it? James Hetfield, Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett.

If you could compose the best band of today, who would be in it?James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo.

If you could choose someone to follow you on Instagram who would you choose? Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus by Brad Elterman (read here ’89 domande a Brad Elterman) (read here Superstars: I miss the Dolce Vita – Sabrina Ferilli by Brad Elterman)

Do you think that if there were no hypothetical partners to impress, human beings would pursue success so spasmodically? I think some people just have a different kind of drive, and don’t think it’s always fueled by want to impress a suitor.

Do you think that in certain environments, especially those in which we find fame and money, there is a lack of certain values? Yes. I think in a lot of peoples pursuit to get ahead they lower the value of some morals.

Does the current concept of democracy make sense to you? No. Especially not in the US.

Do you think that prison, intended as deprivation of freedom of a subject, is a correct solution for an individual who violates the laws of society, or do you think it presupposes an acceptance of participation in the social contract that some individuals may not want? No, i don’t believe that this one blanket punishment is just for all crimes, just adding or subtracting years depending on how much money the person has.

There are those who argue that the death penalty is a non-penalty, in the sense that at the moment in which the penalty is executed, the subject who should undergo it does not exist anymore because of the penalty itself, consequently involving however an interference in the life of the subjects close to the condemned, who would become at that point the real passive subjects of the case, what do you think about it? I suppose it depends on what happens after death, living is pretty amazing, having that taken away is a real bummer if thats truly the end. 

If we consider the death as the end of everything, hypothetically the homicide of a subject that for absurdity doesn’t have, and has never had, social relationships of any kind with anybody, neither economic, neither personal, neither juridical, and if he would be killed without inflicting any suffering and without that he could realize it, such homicide should be punished? Leaving aside the motivations of the agent, as well as the need to protect other subjects of a hypothetical society, in case he would be punished, the murderer would suffer the punishment for an action of which no one suffers any consequence, is it correct for you then to assert that death is something that concerns only the living? I think it’d concern those in the afterlife also if it exists, but yes, IF we consider death the full and total end, it does only concern the living.

Do you think that as animals, races also exist for human beings? I think they exist in the way that peoples experiences in life are different based on them. But they’re only different because our history has perceved the races, chicken or the egg scenario. I would love it if people saw each other as same and equal.

Do you think that racism is a manifestation of some kind of deficiency, an aid to fill gaps in existence for those who approach it? Could this explain the fact that often the profile of the average racist corresponds to individuals with difficult lives who have to struggle with a variety of issues and who use it as an outlet? I think that could be an explanation for its birth. Fear and jealousy are funny things.

Do you think that a cultural growth is always good for an individual or do you think that in certain situations it is identified with a loss of intellectual purity? I think growth is always good. I think just because a person is growing with their community doesn’t mean they would lose their own intelligence or ability to think freely. 

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Do you think that culture in the hands of a stupid person can sometimes represent a problem? I think stupid people can do a disservice to a culture or group for sure, but i don’t think any one person defines that group or culture either.

What do you think of the Inside Job theory regarding 9/11? I do think there is more going on there than what we will know in our lifetimes. 

What do you think about the cancel culture? I think a lot of people were canceled that could have been educated instead. But some people gotta go. We don’t need everyone. 

If you could choose a person you know to read this interview, who would it be? Doja Cat and Miley Cyrus.